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Keyword Density in 2020

Keyword density is the frequency at which your specific keyword appears within the total number of words in a piece of content.

As Google's algorithm evolves, naturally including keywords in your content increases relevance for a specific term. Producing high quality content and creating a good user experience should take priority over keyword density.

Best SEO Practices for Page Layouts

The more appealing your website is to users, the more appealing it is to search engines. If a user likes your site - i.e. a site with great structure and cognitive satisfying to the user - they stay longer and do not bounce, which will lead to improved rankings.

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-page SEO, or Off-site SEO refers to all the activities you do outside of your website to boost your website ranking in search engines results pages (SERPs). This usually includes guest blogging, link building, business social media, directory profiling, social media marketing and much more

Best SEO Practices for High Quality Content

SEO and content marketing are interrelated to each other and are not different strategies. Therefore, to obtain the full benefits of  SEO, high-quality content are a necessity. Useful and relevant content encourages visitors to spend more time on your website.

Social Media’s Role in SEO

Social media is an important factor in any SEO strategy, as it improves the effectiveness of SEO activities and boost your website rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). Social media and SEO might look like different strategies, but they do work together to improve your performance in the search engines.

How Does Off Site SEO Work?

Off-Page SEO is referrals to your website from other sites around the web. Google uses off-page SEO to verify your website's credibility. For a sucessful SEO strategy, both off-page and on-page SEO strategies should be implemented.

Why is SEO Link Building Important?

SEO link building is any link (backlink) that is placed on another external website. Google favors relevant and quality links from reputable sources for better ranking in SERPs. Rather than getting links from everywhere, the objective should be to get links from reputable sources.

Why is Researching Keywords Important?

Keyword research is a crucial part of your SEO strategy to rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). By targeting specific keywords when creating content for your website, you can improve your rankings on SERPs for those specific searches. 

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